Work Package 7

Project Management.

  • Duration
  • Objectives
  • Tasks

M1 - M36

  • To establish a strong project management scheme;
  • To establish the appropriate communication and reporting channels to the European Commission;
  • To achieve a common scientific and technical direction within the project;
  • To ensure successful achievement of the project objectives on time and within budget;
  • To establish an efficient electronic service for communications, and document exchanging;
  • To realise synergies amongst the project members and effective exploitation of the project’s’ results;
  • To conduct continuous quality assurance activities for the operation of the project and the production of its scientific and technical results within its lifespan;
  • To ensure continuous monitoring of the project’s progress and timely initiation of corrective actions (if needed);
  • To coordinate the organisation and execution of the various project meetings, and/or participation of the project in various external or self-organised events;
  • Task 7.1. Project quality planning
  • Task 7.2. Day-to-day management, project & financial control and resource monitoring
  • Task 7.3. Innovation Management