Work Package 6

Exploitation, sustainability and business continuity.

  • Duration
  • Objectives
  • Tasks

M1 - M36

  • Raise awareness about the project concept, developments and findings to all key actors (large industry, SMEs, academics, policy makers);
  • Develop the dissemination and communication strategy of the project, including social presence, participation in EU events, collaboration with other related projects; and implement it;
  • Implement an interactive C4IIOT user-friendly portal to inform the general public and relevant stakeholders about C4IIOT;
  • Develop the business model for C4IIOT and strategies for incentivising/promoting project adoption by various stakeholders within the financial ecosystem during and after project;
  • Investigate the delivered solution by considering the platform’s minimum viable product (MVP) and prepare market entrance by evaluating strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the market offering, as well as market viability by considering standardization aspects and approval through authorities;
  • Create a marketing strategy that focuses on commercialization including the products costs (TCO), benefits (TBO), and return on invest.
  • Task 6.1. Market definition and analysis
  • Task 6.2. Communication strategy triggering awareness and new business opportunities
  • Task 6.3. Exploitation activities
  • Task 6.4. Standardization activities and best practices
  • Task 6.5. Long-term sustainability and commercialization