Work Package 4

An end-to-end integrated industrial IoT cybersecurity framework.

  • Duration
  • Objectives
  • Tasks

M8 - M36

  • To design and develop services for designing, implementing and integrating an identity management solution to address the IIoT challenges of C4IIOT;
  • To implement the interactive visualization and monitoring toolkit for C4IIOT data and analytics;
  • To implement and deploy the integrated C4IIOT framework that realizes the envisioned C4IIOT technology convergence;
  • To support the commercialization activities of C4IIOT by releasing a stable and reliable solution for primary automotive industry, and in sequence for any end-to-end Industrial IoT environment.
  • Task 4.1. Assurance, privacy and accountability in all Industrial IoT processes
  • Task 4.2. Advanced informative mechanisms and interactive visualizations
  • Task 4.3. Continuous integration towards the realization of C4IIOT framework
  • Task 4.4. From the prototype to the final solution – TRL 6