Work Package 2

Edge computing cybersecurity technologies.

  • Duration
  • Objectives
  • Tasks

M4 - M30

  • To ensure proper provision, configuration, and management of edge-node assets, including IIoT (sensors) devices and network elements (field gateways);
  • To ensure that machine learning methods that perform detection of complex anomalous and malicious behavior are implemented in a distributed way;
  • To design and implement the mechanisms needed to dynamically offload security-aware tasks at the edge;
  • To build the tools and technologies for providing a secure execution environment for the edge IoT devices.
  • Task 2.1. Provision, configuration and management of edge-node assets
  • Task 2.2. Deep learning trained models deployed at the edge
  • Task 2.3. Security-aware dynamic offloading decision mechanism
  • Task 2.4. Security and trustworthiness at the edge