Work Package 1

Setting the scene: project set up

  • Duration
  • Objectives
  • Tasks

M1 - M6

  • To identify and demonstrate the role of C4IIOT in protecting industrial IoT systems;
  • To gain insight into the parameters that drive the needs for security, assurance and privacy in an IIoT system;
  • To identify and critical updates in terms of available tools and technologies, taken place in the period between proposal submission and project’s initiation;
  • To design the architecture of the C4IIOT integrated platform;
  • To describe the C4IIOT demonstration protocol.
  • Task 1.1. The critical role of C4IIOT in protecting Industrial IoT systems and technologies.
  • Task 1.2. Adapting C4IIOT security components to real-life industrial manufacturing environments.
  • Task 1.3. Technology convergence: specifications and C4IIOT architecture.
  • Task 1.4. Demonstration protocol – real life industrial pilots