Consortium Member Profile


VIP Mobile is the youngest mobile operator in Serbia setting new standards on telecommunication market. Thanks to its state of the art network infrastructure, customers benefit from offers which include a wide range of cutting edge mobile communication, digital, data and IT services and solutions. VIP Mobile is employing over 1,000 experts aiming to provide the best customer experience to 2.2 million prepaid, postpaid and business customers. The company achieved 24.2% market share and EUR 231 million revenues in 2017. VIP Mobile is recognized as trustful partner and a driver of positive changes in the society and environmental activism. The company is the biggest Greenfield investment in Serbia to-date having so far invested EUR 989 million.

VIP Mobile is a member of A1 Telekom Austria Group, a leading digital services and communications provider in the CEE region with more than 24 million customers across seven countries, 2017 revenues of more than EUR 4.4 billion, and over 18.000 employees. The Group is a European unit of América Móvil, the third largest wireless services provider in the world

VIP Mobile is a mobile cellular operator in Serbia possessing extensively deployed nation-wide 4G LTE network which is currently being upgraded to support low-power wide area network services through NB-IoT. Within C4IIoT, the technical role of VIP Mobile will be twofold:

  1. VIP Mobile will provide technical and infrastructure support to connect and test securityenabled IoT devices developed within the project, both in test and real-world environment. C4IIoT will use, test and evaluate/enhance for security features either the existing IoT devices used by use case partners (e.g., FIAT), or suitable devices will be designed, fabricated and tested in joint collaboration between VIP Mobile and University of Novi Sad (with inputs from other project partners).
  2. VIP Mobile will provide support in deployment, testing and evaluation of C4IIoT security solutions deployed at the network edge, at the elements denoted as field gateways in the proposed C4IIoT architecture. Such an edge security solution (provided by project partners) will be deployed and tested in a virtualized environment at a dedicated server (visible through a dedicated IP address) and residing in proximity of suitable mobile core network elements. After edge processing, IoT data will be forwarded to external cloud servers (provided by project partners) for further cloud-based processing.

To summarize, VIP mobile will help in establishing, evaluating, testing and demonstrating C4IIoT solution primarily at the IoT devices and within dedicated edge servers deployed in physical proximity of VIP Mobile core network elements (PGW, IoT gateway or similar), in order to provide typically emphasized benefits of edge processing: reduction in delay and more specific context for edgedeployed machine learning solutions. As such, VIP Mobile will lead T2.1 regarding the provision, configuration and management of edge-node assets