Consortium Member Profile


With 29,000 students, the University of Greenwich is a large university based on 3 campuses in London and Medway, tracing its history back to the UK’s second Polytechnic opened in 1890. The University has a strong track record in applied research and is consistently ranked among the top UK universities in teaching. The department of Computing and Information Systems has participated in an extensive number of research projects on cyber security, critical infrarstructure protection, disaster management, cyber-physical systems and Internet of Things, both national and international.

UoG will contribute with its knowledge on cyber-physical attacks and corresponding intrusion detection mechanisms, including its existing MAGPIE cyber-physical monitoring tool, which can operate both on the devices to be protected themselves or offloaded to a more powerful processing infrastructure. The reasoning techniques used include lightweight cyber-physical anomaly detection running onboard the embedded systems of control systems, vehicles etc., as well as cloud offloading of highly accurate mechanisms based on deep learning under real-time constraints. Therefore, UOG will lead tasks T1.2 (“Adapting C44IIoT security components to real life industrial environment”) and T2.3 (“Security-Aware dynamic offloading decision mechanism”).