Consortium Member Profile


The University of Greenwich (UOG) is a large university based on 3 campuses in London and Kent, tracing its history back to the UK’s second Polytechnic founded in 1890. The University currently enrols over 38,000 students across 4 faculties in subjects across engineering, natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and business; it has 2,000 staff and 35 international partners. The University of Greenwich has coordinated or been a partner in 45 leading EU projects under Horizon 2020 during the past five years.

The research group involved in C4IIoT is the Internet of Things and Security (ISEC) group (, which has coordinated or participated in a number of research projects on critical infrastructure protection, disaster management, cyber-physical systems and Internet of Things, both national and international.

UOG will contribute with its knowledge on cyber-physical attacks and computation offloading, including its existing MEDICI offloading tool for IoT systems, to provide a single offloading/outsourcing decision mechanism that will be able to evaluate the trade-off between confidence in detection and cost of outsourcing to the field gateway or cloud and will automatically trigger the latter when appropriate. Therefore, UOG will lead tasks T1.2 (“Adapting C4IIoT security components to real life industrial environment”) and T2.3 (“Security-Aware dynamic offloading decision mechanism”).