Consortium Member Profile


University of Novi Sad Faculty of Sciences (UNSPMF) is an educational and research institution with 5 departments, around 600 employees and 6000 students, comprising education and research in the following disciplines: chemistry, biochemistry, environmental protection, biology, ecology, physics, computer science, mathematics, geography, and tourism. Teaching in academic 2016-2017 was conducted through 47 accredited study programmes and on all three study cycles (bachelor, master, PhD but also vocational and integrated studies). UNSPMF is experienced in managing and implementing both international and national projects, which significantly improved its institutional capacities. The Faculty participates in more than 30 international and around 70 nationally funded projects, therefore proving the capacity to manage and logistically support various project management schemes and demands.

Within the C4IIoT project, UNSPMF will mainly work on machine learning tools and algorithms for analysis of IIoT data, as well as on hardware development of IIoT devices, and as such UNSPMF will lead T2.2 (“DL trained models deployed at the edge”) and T3.2 (“Behavioural analysis and cognitive security framework”). UNSPMF will also lead T1.3 to define the specifications and the C4IIoT architecture.