Consortium Member Profile


Sphynx Technology Solutions AG is based at Zug, Switzerland and has also offices in Cyprus and London. The company offers products and solutions, and consulting services, in the areas of cyber intelligence, analytics, incident response, assurance and certification. The technologies offered by Sphynx include sophisticated event processing and analytics, security monitoring and testing, intrusion detection, fraud management, and incident response. Sphynx deploys off-the-shelf hardware components along with its custom software to provide tools such as its analytics engine, a threatmonitoring platform and a security audit and certification platform. Via its consulting services, Sphynx has expertise in providing customized solutions depending on client needs as well as more general training on analytics, security assessment and certification and cyber intelligence

Sphynx brings into the project its solution for security assurance and certification and thus is the leader of T4.1. This platform enables clients to realize security assessments, based on industrial and international standards (e.g., cloud, network, smart metering standards), through the use of tool supported continuous monitoring and testing. The solution makes use of industrial strength tools including vulnerability and penetration testing tools, and open source solutions. Furthermore, it enables the configuration of security assessment, reporting and certification to the needs of different stakeholders ranging from senior management to external auditors and regulators. STS will also be responsible for the long-term sustainability and commercialization of the C4IIoT framework, thus leading T6.5.