Develop, validate, demonstrate, and support a holistic and disruptive security-enabling solution for prevention & protection against attacks targeting modern IoT components, complex Industrial IoT infrastructures and emerging technologies.
Explore recent progress and converge very diverse and novel ICT engineering paradigms in cyber assurance and protection, machine (deep) learning, edge/cloud computing, blockchain and Big Data technologies, to establish an end-to-end (edge-to-cloud) Cybersecurity 4.0 framework to provide breakthroughs in the fight against Industrial IoT cyber-attacks.
Leverage innovative secure execution environments, empowered by novel mechanisms related to security, privacy, accountability and trustworthiness, to offer almost real-time malicious and anomalous behaviour anticipation, detection, tracking, mitigation, and end user informing, within evolving IIoT applications and processes
Allow a secure exploration of IIoT’s full potential in the automotive industry and realize societal and industrial opportunities by validating C4IIOT framework in real-world settings.
Consolidate international and European links, raise awareness, collaborate with standardizations bodies and ensure transferability of project’s results.
Boost the effectiveness of the European Security Union against cyber-attacks in Industrial IoT infrastructures, by offering almost ready to market solutions (TRL 6) and by ensuring business continuity and long-term sustainability.