Consortium Member Profile


Founded in 2011, Information Technology for Market Leadership Pc (ITML) is a global ICT enterprise headquartered in Athens, Greece. ITML provides novel, tailor-made software solutions based on a variety of technologies, such as big data analytics, advanced data mining and machine learning. ITML’s vision is to deliver products and services close to the real customers and market needs, ultimately improving the user experience and the access to technology. ITML solutions cover a very wide range of applications, including e-shops, e-learning, Business Process Management (BPM), or any other customized application.

The primary competence of ITML relies in the design and development of software and hardware prototypes for innovative security systems and applications. In the C4IIoT project, ITML’s contribution will be to design and implement the privacy awareness and data & analytics modules, and to integrate the distinct services of the cybersecurity framework. As such, ITML will be the leader of WP4 and specifically responsible for the customization of the distinct modules of the C4IIoT framework, its testing and deployment (T4.3) as well as the configuration of the framework (T5.1) during the two pilots.