Consortium Member Profile


Established in 1983, FORTH is the largest Greek State R&D Centre. FORTH hosts six major Research Institutes. The Institute of Computer Science (ICS) has established an internationally acknowledged excellence in conducting basic and applied research, developing applications and products, and providing services. FORTH, besides its pioneering contributions in the sector of Information and Telecommunications Technologies in Greece, cooperates, in the context of European and international collaborative R&D programmes, with universities, research centres and other organisations at national and international level, thus contributing to the exchange of scientific ideas and the creation and transfer of new technologies.

FORTH will be responsible for coordinating C4IIoT, dealing with all aspects of day-to-day project management (including project & financial control and resource monitoring and reporting, risk management and contingency actions), and achieving a common scientific and technical direction within the project, in order to ensure successful achievement of the project objectives on time and within budget. As such, FORTH will be leading WP7 (Project Management) and specifically T7.2 (Day-to-day Management, Project & Financial control and resource monitoring)Moreover, FORTH’s role in the project will be in line with the organization’s significant expertise in mature, operational as well as state of the art cyber-security techniques and good practices, including hardware-enabled security assurance, security monitoring, security assessment and incident response. The strong involvement in both research- and industry- focused projects, as well as the pertinent services provided by FORTH (e.g. via FORTHcert) provide thorough and up-to-date knowledge on current and emerging cyber-security threats faced by ICT systems of organizations of various sizes (from Critical Infrastructures to SMEs). The above will allow FORTH to provide valuable input and enhance C4IIoT’s Secure Execution Environment (Security Monitoring, Assurance and Testing tools) and as such FORTH will be leading T4.4, being responsible for quality assurance and documentation for the usage of the C4IIoT framework.