Consortium Member Profile


Infineon Technologies AG is a world leader in semiconductor solutions that make life easier, safer and greener. Microelectronic devices from Infineon are the key for a better future.

Infineon semiconductor solutions are expected to witness a significant growth in the 2018 to 2023 period, in sectors such as consumer electronics, medical and healthcare. Particularly, the Internet of Things (IoT) use case encompasses a complete testbed scenario that covers the demands of the future market: energy harvesting, low-power, security, radio communication and accurate sensing capabilities

In order to keep contributing to the future and maintain a predominant market position in semiconductors, Infineon benefits from being an early-researcher and early-adopter of IoTtechnologies.

Infneon’s expertise in the area of embedded (hardware) security allows us to effectively develop the following areas of the project:

  • Security in the sensor itself. Our secure components that can be connected to a simple sensing device, adding inexpensive industrial-grade security, and a root-of-trust to store credentials and certificates; including an isolated execution environment for state-of-the-art authentication and encryption algorithms (ECC, AES, etc.). Simple nodes, that normally do not communicate securely due to a lack of resources, can become a trusted component of an IIoT Network, creating a holistic secure experience where no element is neglected, since normally a system is as secure as its weakest part.
  • Security in the Edge Gateway. We connect comprehensive secure elements, with sophisticated features like Trusted Booting and Remote attestation Creating Trust through Smart Contracts: Blockchain. Implementing Blockchain technologies applied to industrial processes, in order to reduce costs and increase efficiency, particularly where information must be shared between companies or the fulfillment of arrangements must be assured, leveraging traditional slow and expensive trust systems based on centralized legal entities.

IFAG will lead WP2 concerning the development of edge-computing cybersecurity technologies and will be particularly responsible for T2.4 (“Security and trustworthiness at the edge”). In addition, IFAG will lead the exploitation activities in T6.3.