Consortium Member Profile


AEGIS IT RESEARCH UG is a research and development company based in Germany developing and managing innovative IT solutions for numerous business sectors. It is based on a highly effective professional team consisting of talented researchers and top-class IT experts from all over the world. This team empower the company with a strong, diverse skillset which helps AEGIS offer innovative products and high-tech business solutions to the market. AEGIS’ main areas of expertise include Forensic Digital Investigations, adaptive Big Data visualization systems, Geographical Information Systems, secure embedded platforms, access control and network security systems, privacy preserving systems, enterprise web applications and all the lifecycle of IT systems (design, development, deployment, optimisation and maintenance)

AEGIS will utilize its existing (TRL 4) Advanced Visualization toolkit and relevant Forensics services. As such, AEGIS will be leading T4.2 concerning the development of advanced informative mechanisms and interactive visualizations. AEGIS will also be responsible for the C4IIoT market definition and analysis (T6.1) as well as for the communication strategy of the C4IIoT project in order to trigger awareness and create new business opportunities (T6.2).