C4IIoT Info Day at Cybersecurity Day 2021

C4IIoT Info Day at Cybersecurity Day 2021

Celebrating the Cybersecurity Day 2021 in Italy as part of the Internet Festival 2021, C4IIoT partner HPE organized an Info Day that was included in the Agenda for the Event.

The event took place virtually on October 8th, 2021. Industry experts, researchers, representatives of the business world from around Italy were able to attend the event. During the C4IIoT Info Day organized by HPE, attendees of the Cybersecurity Day 2021 were introduced to the project scope, its architecture and its technical achievements

Cybersecurity Day 2021 take place in the presence of the Pisa Chamber of Commerce and it was streamed online via Facebook

Download the poster with the program here

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