C4IIOT Exploitation, sustainability & business continuity

C4IIOT Exploitation, sustainability & business continuity

The sixth work-package lasts throughout the C4IIOT project with a main objective of workability of its results. To start to assure this workability it has first provided the dissemination material as soon as possible with the project website and social media accounts. A market analysis was provided 4 months after the kick-off. Another task concerns the exploitation activities that are at the mid-time of the project still performed partner by partner before a collective consideration. A last task not yet started will assure how to perform the sustainability of the project from October 2021.

In October 2020, the main ongoing tasks concern the dissemination and the standardization activities.

A dissemination strategy is maintained in each phase of the project, by raising awareness about the project concept, developments and findings to all key actors: large industry, SMEs, academics, policy makers. A dissemination plan has been established by each partner depending on his role and his category academic or industrial while system-level demonstrations, organization of international scientific events, education and training activities have been planned, such as the INFODAY having taken place on the form of a Webinar on September 21. This INFODAY has highlighted the specific innovations of C4IIOT, such as the framework architecture, the MVP architecture, the choice taken for adaptive anomaly detection for the security at the edge in such Industrial IoT systems. Progress in dissemination is monitored by key performance indicators (KPIs), covering website statistics, event participation and quantity of publications.

The standardization activities build a specific task in WP6. It includes another opportunity to disseminate in whitepapers towards appropriate SDOs and for the time being it analyses the way the recommendations and standards are applied. The identification of the appropriate SDOs is done in parallel with the positioning of C4IIOT performed in WP1, they are extracted from what concerned the security in the IOT, the IT and the OT fields (associated with safety in this latter field) and they focus especially on ENISA “Good Practices for Security of Internet of Things in the context of Smart Manufacturing “. A first list of the SDOs considered is listed in this table, in regards of each specific topic of C4IIOT.

The future action in standardization activity concerns the way to manage and validate the identities in regards to the legal framework of European identification standard eIDAS and to the European Commission legal report on SSI(Self Sovereign identity) and eIDAS entitled “How eIDAS can legally support digital identity and trustworthy DLT-based transactions.”

Moreover, the standardization activity will be joined to this of projects from the same H2020 cluster, at the initiative of the CyberSANE project and it will be this way collectively enlarged.